Langton Research Group

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Back: Shaun Gartland, Aidan Kerckhoffs, Martin Flerin Maver, Xiangyu Chan, Toby Johnson, Elin Grahlert, Anna Duncan

Front: Kelly Britton, Matt Langton, Charlie Simms, Elba Feo, Dominic Howden. Not present: Andrew Docker, Manzoor Ahmad

Welcome to the Langton Research Group website! We are a synthetic chemistry group working in the areas of supramolecular chemistry, biological chemistry and nanotechnology. To get more of an idea of what we do please explore the research and publications sections of the website.
**If you would like to join us visit the “work with us” page for details on PDRA vacancies, DPhil and Part 2 opportunities**


May 2023: Congratulations to Shaun for winning a poster prize at the RSC Organic Division South West Regional Meeting

April 2023: Toby, Andrew and Amirs paper on relay transport is published in Chem Sci and highlighted as Editor's pick of the week!

March 2023: Congratulations to Aidan, with Jas and Pavele from the Ed Anderson group, for a fantastic 2nd place in the UK retrosynthesis competition

January 2023: Aidan's article on main group photoswiches is included in the Chemical Science 2022 most popular organic chemistry collection

January 2023: work led by Andrew on redox controlled Te Anionophores is out in JACS 

December 2022: Welcome to Dr Manzoor Ahmad who joins us as a PDRA from the Talukdar group at IISER Pune

December 2022: Group Xmas dinner!

November 2022: Aidan and Isi's paper on photoswitchable anion dining and catalysis is out in Chem Comm 

October 2022: Welcome to our new Part 2s Elba and Dom, and our new DPhils Xiangyu, Elin and Anna

September 2022: Aidan's work on main group Photoswitches is out in Chem Sci (and designated a Hot article!)

July 2022: Many congratulations to Maria (part 2 student) for being awarded the Inorganic Chemistry Part 2 thesis prize!

July 2022: Toby gives a talk at MASC ECR in Loughborough

July 2022: The lab is awarded a Bronze LeafinLabs accreditation as we work to make the lab more sustainable

July 2022: Laura's work on controlling ion transport via photo-regulated carrier mobility is published in Chem Sci

update - and now designated a Hot Article!

June 2022: Congratulations to Laura for passing her DPhil viva! 

June 2022: Congratulations to Part 2 students Maria and Amir for handing in their MChem theses!

May 2021: Paper published in JACS! - Toby's work on relay ion transporters, and featuring work from Part 2 student Amir.

May 2021: We say a fond farewell to Dr Aaron Scott, good luck for your future adventures!

May 2021: Congratulations to Laura for submitting her thesis! 

October 2021: Welcome to Andrew Docker who joins us as a PDRA after a DPhil with Prof. Paul Beer (Oxford)

October 2021: Aidan, Ally and Sam's work on Red-shifted tetra-ortho-halo-azobenzenes for photo-regulated transmembrane anion transport is out in OBC; featuring works from Sam's part 2, and computational studies on transporters in membranes in collaboration with the Duarte group.

October 2021: Welcome to Shaun and Kelly, who joins us as new DPhil students, and Maria and Amir who have started their Part 2 projects in the group. And welcome back to Isi who is staying in the group for a DPhil after her Part 2 last year.

July 2021: Laura, Toby, Aidan and Matt's perspective article on Supramolecular chemistry in lipid bilayer membranes is out in Chemical Science.

June 2021: Xiaobo and Andrew's paper on anion sensing by aggregation induced emission, and photoswitchbale anion binding, is out in Angewandte Chemie

June 2021: Congratulations to Isi and Euan for handing in their Part 2 theses!

May 2021: Laura's paper on sigma hole mediate anion transport in collaboration with the Duarte and Beer groups is out in Chemistry - a European Journal

May 2021: Matt and Laura present at the International Symposium on SupraBiomolecular systems

April 2021: Welcome to Dr Aaron Scott who joins us from the Lusby and Brechin groups at Edinburgh University

November 2020: Welcome to Isi and Euan who join us for their Part 2 projects

November 2020: Matt's review in Nat. Rev. Chem is published.

September 2020: Goodbye to Xiaobo, all the best for the future!

August 2020: Congraulations to Aidan for winning a poster prize at the ISMSC2020 twitter poster session!

July 2020: Congratulations to Sam who has been awarded a runner up Inorganic Chemistry Part II Thesis Prize for his thesis "Redshifted Azobenzene Photoswitches for Visible Light-controlled Ion Transport"!

July 2020: Laura's profile is featured as part of the Oxford Women in Chemistry series on Twitter

June 2020: Sam presented his Part II research at the Society of Chemical Industry Young Chemists National Undergradute Poster Competition (online)

June 2020: Congratulations to our Part II students Hudson and Sam for handing in their theses! We wish you both every success in your future careers.

June 2020: Laura is awarded a RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector International Travel Prize

June 2020: Aidan's paper published in Chemical Science. You can read the just accepted version here.

May 2020: Aidan's paper on photo-controlled ion transport is online at ChemRxiv

April 2020: Laura's paper is out in Chemical Science. You can read the just accepted version here.

February 2020: Welcome to Mia who joins us for a SBM CDT project rotation, joint with the Booth and Brown groups

Poster prize for Laura

Congratulations to Laura who has been awarded the Chemical Science award for outsanding poster at the RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry meeting held at the University of Kent!

December 2019: Xmas dinner

November 2019: Group pizza outing

October 2019: Welcome to our new DPhil students: Toby Johnson joins us from Durham, and Aiden Kerckhoffs who is staying on in the group following his SBM CDT project rotation

September 2019: Welcome to our first Part II students, Hudson and Sam!

September 2019: Welcome to Dr Xiaobo Shang, who joins us as a PDRA from Seoul National University